welcome to DataSoup

a rational, coherent view of the world is nourished by facts.
those facts are not fixed, they interact with one another and with new facts coming.
DataSoup is a collection of facts we consider important - facts that may alter your point of view or even the overall vision. or - at the very least - be consistent with it.

ingest the DataSoup, digest the DataSoup !


DataSoup was one of the original projects from NetCells, launched in 2004 but then fallen in disrepair - due to other, more pressing, commitments.
but we were missing it, glad to bring it back, with its old data and the new data it is becoming more and more interesting and useful. we will be adding more facts, refining the search and adding more functionality.
as seen from its logo DataSoup is a collective effort - you are welcome to send facts, with reference links. we only want facts that are important - that is - changing your view of the world. have a look at last facts added...